Monday, 8 October 2007

Today Jon has achieved:

So far:

Went to a lecture

Discovered the word 'twunts'

Ate a banana

Made a Facebook group

Set myself a challenge

Curiously, I feel I've had a pretty productive day.

Also, I plan on writing a book called "The Dawkins Delusion", the central theme of which is that, as Richard Dawkins is not mentioned in the Bible he therefore doesn't exist.

Post script: does Richy-boy have a girlfriend? If so, why? Also, why don't we refer to him by the alliterative name 'Dick Dawkins'? Finally, do we need him? he does take up significant space, which could be better used to store a big pile of steaming shit.

Post post script: learned the word 'shitclown' and the phrase 'He/She has a face like a bag of broken twats" as well as "S/He has a face like fuck all, twice". Finally, learned the word 'cockwomble'. Day: productive.

Here are some links to the mindless pap I've been polluting our student magazine the Orbital with. It is our pleasure for you to enjoy.

The first one.

The second will be linked after it's actually been published. Naughty Jon got told off by Mario for linking to it earlier.

Wow, I've blogged a lot today. I guess my blog entries are like buses: fucking shit.

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