Thursday, 18 October 2007

People who are better than me...

I am not sure quite what I am going for in this whole 'life' bizzle, but the following people do at least part of it better than me. This is a partial list and if you are not on it it means either A.) I forgot to put you on here or B.)you are trying to do something different to me. Also, if you are on the list it does not mean you are better than me in every respect, oh no no, it just means you are significantly better at at least one of the things I consider to be part of being JMB. If you don't like reading long lists of people names, I suggest you do not read the following long list of people's names.

The list:

David Cullen

PJ McCabe

David Quin

Jonathan 'Jack' Boyd

Jamelia Bear

Jack De'Ath

Ben Mansfield

Len Audaer

Ben Ford

Rebecca Clarke

Mario Creatura

Rachel Charman

Joff Manning

Phil Hooks

Sam Kiss (yeah, OK I admit it. Twunt.)

Est Donnelly

Chris Hall

Sally Healey

Phil Blakey

Martin Sedgewick

Tom Ingrey

Helen May-Bowles

Jack Lennox

Alastair Norgate

Keir Pearcey

Jonny Wooddin

Ed Brown

Dale Pluthero

Clare Spray

Duncan Scott

Sarah Jane Stenlake

Mikey Uong

Jon Wilson

Patrick McCabe

Right now I have top go and debate about Iran (My position? I think it should be legalised) so the list remains, as ever, partial.


jammybear said...

you put pj mccabe on there twice, which i wholeheatedly agree with :o)

and the fact that you put my Proper Name on there is duly noted.

x x

Mike said...

so how am i better than JMB exactly?

Claudia Ssix said...

:) what a lovely idea for a list


JMBowles said...

Nobody gets to know HOW they are better than me. Just that they are. K?