Wednesday, 17 October 2007

But there is always a good side...

Pre-Script: Read the post before (i.e. just below) this one to make sense of it all. Trust me: less funny, but more right.

1.) Everyone seems to love my article. This, however, does make me feel worse for missing my latest deadline.

2.) The very big, very black, very garage/R'n'B/Urban MCs bigging up and pumping the arctic monkeys. "I bet YOU look good on the dancefloor!" Laugh? Yes I did.

3.) The eclectic range of music. Nicely fucking done.

4.) Meeting the marketting research guy for malibu and telling him that A.) Good night, well done, B.) I found the Big Black MCs bigging arctic monkeys hilarious on many levels (turns out he had seen me laughing my lilly white off at this already in the eve) C.) My disgust at the use of an East Side/West Side motif for the evening. As I expressed to my brief marketting friend, the east/west side thing was a real, you know, war, and countless young disenfranchised black men lost their lives for what was a massively pointless cause: money. I personally found the use of this tragedy as a marketting tool offensive and made a pledge - longe before i met market research man - to not buy any Malibu.

He says I was the only one to express such views.

But seriously, guys, if we had been chanting "Israel" and "Palestine" instead of "East Side" and "West Side" I'm sure we'd have all been a bit less comfortable. I hope.

Nevertheless, some bigwig marketting twunt will be hearing my very sultry and righteous opinions. So: I do actually win.

Because obviously i really would have drunk a lot of Malibu otherwise.

P.S. Oh, and I told him I really enjoyed the night "In an ironic way". He didn't seem to like that very much.

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