Friday, 21 September 2007

And he knew he'd never play the tambourine again

So, I'm working on the beans vs loo roll campaign and I am listening to scroobius pip. I've got it on at a normal volume because I'm playing Thou Shalt Always Kill, and everyone needs to drink in those lyrics. In any case, there are only two other people in the lab, one is wearing headphones and the other is a mate of mine.

This girl walks in, sits down and does some work. So far, so what. But when she gets up to leave she comes over to me and says:

"You are not on your own here, and some people might not like your music so you should use the headphones."

For a start, what headphones? The ones she is going to buy me? I haven't got any headphones. So I get a bit shirty and say:

"Listen, if you'd come over to me when you walked into the room and asked me to turn my music off because you didn't like it, I'd have respected you and done as you asked. But instead you have waited until you are already leaving and dressed up your pet peeve in a load of pseudo moral bullshit to make it seem as though you speak on behalf of the room. I didn't like the silence, so I decided to put some music on. If you don't like the music, you can ask me to turn it off. But acting like I have done something actually wrong just discredits and devalues the very idea of having a common ethical code, a trend which in itself is contributing to the decay and downfall of modern liberal society!"

Or, rather, that's what I should have said. What I in fact said was:

"Yeah. Thanks. Bye."

Which was just as passive aggressive without any of the accompanying social commentary.

The long and the short: Don't mess with politics students. Unless they are pussies like me.

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